The Birthday Of The Infanta


Inspired by “The Birthday Of The Infanta” from “The Fairy Stories Of Oscar Wilde”

Acrylic, spray paint and water soluble pastel on canvas

140 x 90 x 4cm / 55 x 35.4 x 1.5″


FREE worldwide delivery.  Due to the size of this painting it will be sent rolled and unstretched.  For certain areas in Ireland the painting can be delivered on the stretcher bars.

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The Fairy Stories Of Oscar Wilde Art



And the Infanta stamped her foot, and called out to her uncle, who was walking on the terrace with the Chamberlain, reading some despatches that had just arrived from Mexico, where the Holy Office had recently been established. ‘My funny little dwarf is sulking,’ she cried, ‘you must wake him up, and tell him to dance for me.’ They smiled at each other, and sauntered in, and Don Pedro stooped down, and slapped the Dwarf on the cheek with his embroidered glove. ‘You must dance,’ he said, ‘petit monstre. You must dance. The Infanta of Spain and the Indies wishes to be amused.’
But the little Dwarf never moved.
‘A whipping master should be sent for,’ said Don Pedro wearily, and he went back to the terrace. But the Chamberlain looked grave, and he knelt beside the little dwarf, and put his hand upon his heart. And after a few moments he shrugged his shoulders, and rose up, and having made a low bow to the Infanta, he said – ‘Mi bella Princesa, your funny little dwarf will never dance again.
It is a pity, for he is so ugly that he might have made the King smile.’
‘But why will he not dance again?’ asked the Infanta, laughing.
‘Because his heart is broken,’ answered the Chamberlain.
And the Infanta frowned, and her dainty rose-leaf lips curled in pretty disdain. ‘For the future let those who come to play with me have no hearts,’ she cried, and she ran out into the garden.

From “The Birthday Of The Infanta”

Female artist photo