Solo Exhibition at Cultúrlann, Belfast

Thursday March 23rd marks the opening of my solo exhibition “The Land Of Gemini” in the Irish language cultural centre Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich, located in The Gaeltacht Quarter at 216 Falls Rd, Belfast BT12 6AH, Northern Ireland. If you are in the area it would be my pleasure to have you at the official opening reception from 7-9pm.

The exhibition will be on show from Monday – Saturday until May 27th 2023. 


The Land Of Gemini” is an exploration into the creation of mystical dream worlds for introspective art lovers as a place to escape to and meditate in to recharge their energy and spirit.

My current work shows how beautiful the world is, the magical glimpses we get daily, be it a sunset, a rock pool, the movement of plants or light reflecting off a body of water and the energy unseen that emanates from each living thing.

My aim is for the viewer to get lost in the painted landscapes I have created and that they leave the exhibition a little lighter than they came in. I hope that while looking at the paintings the viewer’s burdens can be left within them and that relief can be taken from the movement and colours and time spent with a piece and that the mystical nature of the work invites viewers to think about their own natural surroundings and how they can also feel magical and understand that we are the caretakers of this beauty.

With the mental health issues we all can face, I want to create a space of relief with a little bit of magic and encourage visitors to let their mind take a walk through the paintings. I have a lifelong yearning to be able to step inside paintings, so this is the experience I am trying to give my viewers. To help with this immersion the room will be filled with scents from nature, the sound of birds and the lapping of waves. My hope is that this invitation to relax with the paintings may also bring in visitors who might not normally feel comfortable at art exhibitions.


Culturlann Belfast

Female artist photo