Reflection – Limited Edition Print

Limited edition print of my original painting ‘Reflection’. The print run is limited to 100.

Each print is professionally printed with a white boarder and signed with artist signature, the name of the painting and the edition number under the picture.

Total size: A3 (11.7″ x 16.5″), ready for a standard frame.


‘Reflection’, was part of an exhibition called ‘The Hollow’, an exhibition inspired by the folklore and legends of my hometown Cavan in Ireland.

Each print contains the story behind the painting.

“It was believed by some that on Halloween night if you looked in a mirror you would see your future husband in the glass, looking over your shoulder. I remember hearing this regularly in primary school. What had to be done before or during looking in the mirror be it from lighting candles to saying a certain word seems to vary depending on who you asked. Also some believed if you say a certain word three times the devil would appear so apart from being afraid to look in the mirror on Halloween night I never gave it a go. But there was a brave lady from Kill in Kilnaleck who thought she would give this a try. It must have been no secret in the area that she was going to do this as when she looked in the mirror to see how handsome her future husband would be, what stared her back was not a man at all but the face of a pig. Petrified and traumatised, little did she know that boys from the area were perfectly positioned outside the window holding up the animals decapitated head.”

Comes with a copy of the story and a free art bookmark.


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Original Limited Edition Print

Legends of Cavan


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