Imagine 2021

I was delighted to take part in “Incognito 2021” in aid of The Jack and Jill Foundation.  This was my second year to participate and I donated 3 pieces to this much anticipated yearly charity sale.

What’s unique and exciting about Incognito, is that the identity of the artists behind the postcard-size artworks is kept top secret until the sale closes. Over 1,200 artists and personalities from all over Ireland and around the world took part this year including Bob Geldof, Tommy Tiernan, Adrian + Shane, Robert Ballagh, Ange Bell and Peter Curling to name a few.  All 3,133 postcards sold out in record time.  All monies raised by Incognito are used to fund home nursing hours for precious children who deserve the best possible care at home all over Ireland.

I had a lovely email from one of the buyers of my pieces and I was honoured to know I was her first choice!  If you bought my other postcards please let me know, I would love to hear where they ended up.

Here are my Incognito 2021 paintings:




“Midnight Movement”


“Dream Valley”


Female artist photo