All The Things On God’s World He Blessed

Inspired by “The Fisherman & His Soul” from “The Fairy Stories Of Oscar Wilde”

Acrylic on canvas

Painting size: 60 x 20cm

This painting is surrounded in a frame with gold leafing done by Michelle.

Framed size: 64 x 24



And in the morning, while it was still dawn, he went forth with the monks and the musicians, and the candle-bearers and the swingers of censers, and a great company, and came to the shore of the sea, and blessed the sea, and all the wild things that are in it. The Fauns also he blessed, and the little things that dance in the woodland, and the bright-eyed things that peer through the leaves. All the things in God’s world he blessed, and the people were filled with joy and wonder.

From “The Fisherman & His Soul”

Female artist photo