The Straw Boys Stop The Wedding

Acrylic and pastel on paper
58 x 77cm, 22.8 x 30.3″
Professionally framed in a black wooden box frame with glass, size:
62.5 x 81 x 5cm, 26.6 x 31.8 x 2″


Unfortunately due to the large pane of glass this item is too fragile to be shipped outside of Ireland. Please contact for me for delivery or collection options within Ireland.


This account of the Straw Boys comes from Redhill’s; the Straw Boys would appear at the bride’s house before the wedding to hold it up. The Straw Boys were considered a sign of good luck and for them not to appear at a wedding meant your family was being snubbed. The Straw Men concealed their identities behind stylised hats made of straw and collected their reward in the local pub after their work was done where money had been left with the barman to quench their thirst.

Female artist photo