The Mystery Art Sale

For 2 years now American artist and marketer Andrea Kendall has run her popular “Mini Mystery Art Sale” over 30 day periods, this year selling 40 paintings in just 30 days! Inspired by Andrea, I decided to set myself a big challenge and paint a painting a day over 30 days for the month of November 2019. The paintings were pre-sold but there was a catch, the collectors didn’t know which painting they were getting until they picked one out from my Instagram posts!

It was a wonderful success for me to say the least. I sold 37 paintings in the month of November, had a daily auction like atmosphere on my Instagram page got local press coverage and even used the challenge to help secure an exhibition!

I reached out to Andrea to thank her for her idea and share about how I had adopted the Mystery Art Sale and we decided to let you all in on our conversation!

In this video myself and Andrea sit down and chat about our experience, practical tips for other artists who would like to try the challenge and what we learned from it personally and artistically.

You can follow Andrea on Instagram @andreakendallart and @sparkyourart

Thank you so much to everyone who bought a Mystery Art painting or participated in any way! It has been a hugely encouraging experience and I hope you all enjoyed it. All paintings from The Mystery Art Sale are now sold.

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Mystery Art Sale Art Challenge
View all the paintings from the Mystery Art Collection here

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