Pink Sky, Pink Lake

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Mixed media on deep canvas, signed.
The sides of the painting are finished in gold enamel.

80 x 80 x 4cm / 31.5 x 31.5 x 1.5″

This is one of my exclusive two sided paintings, it can be hung upside down to reveal another scene whenever you would like to change your artwork.

In it I see my hometown Cavan from two sides, the drumlins that the county is so well known for and a lake by a forest I have been walking in since I was a child.

I do not give these descriptions of my work as a definitive of what they have to mean but as a glimpse into what I see, as so many people ask me.  I create paintings with no idea to start with and stories unfold from my past memories as scenes start to appear. I have found that everyone will see something different in my work and that is how it should be. I see them all as mystical landscapes from another world “The Land Of Gemini”, even if my unconscious inspiration has grounding in our reality.


Limited edition prints of this piece are available from my online store


Upside down painting


Abstracted Irish Landscape


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