Peruvian Memories

Travel inspired art


Mixed media on deep canvas, signed.
The sides of the painting are finished in gold enamel.

70 x 70 x 4cm / 27.5 x 27.5 x 1.5″

I spent some time working in Peru and when I was there I took on the challenge of hiking Manchu Picchu Mountain, which overlooks the famous ruins of Manchu Picchu. It was a much harder climb than I had imagined, made worse by my short legs and the giant stone steps that lead the way in scorching heat. When I looked down at the views below from such a height many of the vistas felt like I was in a hazy dream world. The colourful tropical plants along the way really kept me going when I wanted to give up and turn back and I believe my memory of their colours have influenced the piece.  When I finally made it back down the mountain after many hours to look around the ruins, two llamas greeted me and have made themselves present in the left hand corner of the painting.   

I do not give these descriptions of my work as a definitive of what they have to mean but as a glimpse into what I see, as so many people ask me.  I create paintings with no idea to start with and stories unfold from my past memories as scenes start to appear. I have found that everyone will see something different in my work and that is how it should be. I see them all as mystical landscapes from another world “The Land Of Gemini”, even if my unconscious inspiration has grounding in our reality.


This painting is now on exhibition in Seoul, South Korea and available from StART Art Korea

Limited edition prints of this piece are available from my online store


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