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Art2 Life free course


I’m asked all the time if I can recommend an art course for adults and children who want to learn or improve their art skills and one of the best online teachers I can recommend is Nicholas Wilton, who is about to begin his annual Art2Life Free Workshop

It’s for professional artists or total beginners. It’s also suitable not just for painters but digital and textile artists, photographers, ceramicists, etc because the foundations of good design and colour are all the same.  It’s been made for adults but I think it would also teach children really important art fundamentals that aren’t taught in schools.  To be honest I wasn’t even taught most of this information in art college!

The FREE course begins on March 4th, but free registration is open now!
It is an entire week of teaching from Nicholas, designed to help you make art that is stronger and more like you.

Here is the schedule for this years program


  • Video 1 (Design) is released on Monday, Mar 4, 6am PST
  • Video 2 (Value) is released on Tuesday, Mar 5 , 6am PST
  • Video 3 (Color) is released on Thursday, Mar 7, 6am PST

*** These videos are “on-demand”, which means you can watch them whenever you want after they are released from anywhere in the world.  ***

Click here to save your seat in the free Art2Life Workshop!

I am going to be following along with the workshop again this year because I always learn something new, and I would love for you to join me.

Nicholas has been teaching this workshop since 2016, and in that time, has helped over 100,000 artists push their art to exciting new places.

The workshop is revamped every year and includes all-new examples, stories and more.

Specifically, the free online workshop will explore exciting ideas like:

  • How to use a ground-breaking concept called Differences to quickly make your art more arresting and impactful
  • How to use the principle of Value to create art that is instantly more balanced, refined, and striking
  • A simple but surprising approach to creating amazing colour and a sophisticated sense of harmony throughout your work
  • Exactly what to do when your art feels stuck or incomplete (this will revolutionize the way you think of mistakes forever)
  • Ways to make your creative life feel more spacious, joyful and personal to you… even if you’re in a creative funk or short on time

And it might just help you see your art (and yourself) in a whole new way.

If after the free week you would like to study more with Nicholas and his team of incredible teachers he will be doing a full 12 week course so if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them. All I can say about the full course is that it’s intensive but it has been like rocket fuel for my art development and now I am making art I never even imagined I would create.

Even if you have no intention of doing the full course but you’d still like to learn I would encourage you to sign up. If you just take even one insight away that helps you shift your art or encourage you to start making art, I know it will be well worth your time. It certainly was for me!

Here’s the link to register for the Free Art2Life Workshop

Hope to see you there!



Art2Life Nicholas Wilton Free Art Workshop

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